Ladies Beware! This Beauty Enhancement Product Killed This Mom of One (Details)

A mother of one has died after consuming skin whitening products that she purchased online.

35-year-old Wijitra Jantaphrom, who wanted white skin and larger breasts, had been taking products she had purchased from web sites. She reportedly developed a kidney failure and eventually died in her own bathroom before help could reach her.

Kapook reports that family members who had arranged a surprise 35th birthday party celebration on Friday September 22, for the deceased were worried when she didn’t show up.

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Reports claim that Wijitra started taking the “herbal” supplements she ordered on Facebook in capsules some months ago. Initial results looked promising as her complexion improved.

Following this, she began to recommend the capsules to her friends.

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After a while, Wijitra, who was a furniture factory worker suffered a swelling of the face. She went to hospital and was diagnosed with a kidney disease from taking the pills.

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She was sent back home and then things got worse. She passed out at home and this time there was no one around to help her and she died alone in her bathroom last week.

According to Kamchanok Kongkoi, a relative of the deceased, she did not turn up to a planned birthday party on Friday.

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Sadly, they presented her birthday cake to her corpse at the funeral at Wat Ton Khrai in Prae on Sunday.

Speaking about the incident, Pharmacists said that the tragic case highlighted the problem of dangerous substances being sold online to people who want a lighter skin tone and slimmer body.

Photo credit: Kapook

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