UK-Based Nigerian Nurse, Nedy Mathias Calls Out Husband for Abandoning Kids’ Welfare

Nedy Mathias is a Registered Nurse in the United Kingdom and it seems she has had enough of her kids’ father, Prince Nworisa Chimezie Ibeh for allegedly slacking in his parental duties. She decided to call him out on social media for abandoning his family in London.

The care of children is a very time and financial consuming process, and in parenting it’s the duty of both parents to put in their best in this responsibility. Once parenting becomes one sided, frustration sets in especially on the parent bearing the sole responsibility. This seems to be what happened in this case.

This is what she wrote:

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“Anyone who knows Prince Nworisa Chimezie Ibeh to come up to his responsibilities and take care of his children. It’s exactly four years and two months since you shaded off the responsibilities of being a father to your children. It’s not enough telling them how you’re going to meet the president, Yaradua, Obasanjo and all the senators.

Show them that you care, take care of them. There’re school trips to be paid for, clothes, mortgage, bills and most of all YOUR NATIONAL INSURANCE, PENSION AND LIFE INSURANCE which I’ve been paying monthly without complaint.

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Everyone keep telling me to calm down, I’ve been calm all these while and am loosing that calmness, how can someone who called himself a man, an Igbo man for that matter be so wicked as to abandon his children and claiming he’s going to Nigeria for greener pastures, who does that bikonu?
All the Umuozu people on my friends list pls tell your brother to take responsibility for his three children.

DO NOT COME INBOX TO TELL ME ANY RUBBISH. Whatever you have to say, pls wait here in the comment boxes.

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I’ve had enough of this nonsense, how can a woman have children with a man, the children bear his name and he abandoned them, waiting for them to grow so he will come and sit and play father figure?
Eight yrs of being a breadwinner and four yrs of being a father and mother at the same time is not a joke.
Pls tell him to contribute his own quota of being a father, he can’t be a father for being a father’s sake.”

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