Dear Mimsters: Is He Stingy or Am I Overreacting?

Is he stingy or am I overreacting?

I am 32 year single woman with a very good job. I have had bad relationships in the past and since then I have been even more careful.

Early this year, one of my senior colleagues at the office who’s playing the matchmaking role introduced me to man who resides and works in the North while I am working in a government parastatal in Ogun state. This new guy is 38 years old.

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Since we got to know each other ,we’ve been communicating constantly on the phone. He appears very serious and even told me he wants us to settle down in March next year. Although the long distance has been a major challenge, I’ve been hoping we can reach an agreement when we eventually met physically.

This man finally came down to Ogun state from Nassarawa to see me last weekend. But my major problem is he came empty handed, not even a bread he bought on the way to give to me. He spent 2 days in Ogun state with me and all we did was to gist. He didn’t even offer to take me out.

I think he is stingy or am I overreacting? What do you think and please advice me on what to do with him as I am already pissed off with him.

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“Dear Mimsters: Is He Stingy or Am I Overreacting?”
  • Dont conclude just yet,try and persuade come another time. If he comes empty handed again the second time or doesnt perform.some manly duties like take u out,then.u can say he’s stingy.

  • Guys as old as dat most times are trying to determine if d woman is more interested in money.. Give it time, afterall u ar working.. Abt buying something, if you have travelled from the North, its not very easy buying something, d journey is mercilessly long.. And den going out, he may nt b d outdoor kind of person.. So all I am saying is give it some more time sis if dats d only thing u have noticed so far.. All the best…

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