Dear MIMsters: Should I Bend Towards the Demands of My Daughter’s School Or Withdraw Her?

Dear mimsters I need urgent advice on this matter concerning my little girl and her school. Should I bend towards the school’s demand or withdraw my daughter?

Here’s the deal. My daughter started school this year in August. I went to make enquiries at a couple of suitable schools in a bid to make a choice. Now, I decided to register her in her current school based on the information I was given during my enquiries.

After the registration, I was told that I needed to shave off her hair, like a military hair cut. The school holds that it’s a rule, a rule that I was not informed about when registering or making enquires. I am not ready to cut her hair because I was not informed prior to her registration. If I had known, I would have enrolled her in another school because it’s such an absurd rule for a child only in nursery.

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I have been given a letter to either comply or withdraw her. This is coming weeks after resolving the issue concerning her hair with the founder who told me to always cover her head with a cap.

Suddenly, he is going back on his word and asking me to shave her hair or withdraw her!

I feel my daughter has the right to stay in that school till the year ends. I can’t even think of withdrawing her because I am not sure I can secure a place for her in another school. Secondly she is already so fond of her teacher and classmates.

My husband is of the opinion that if they insist on their rule, we should withdraw her. But I personally think the school should assume responsibility for its mistakes. What is your take?

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“Dear MIMsters: Should I Bend Towards the Demands of My Daughter’s School Or Withdraw Her?”
  • They have to assume responsibility for their mistake like you rightly said. We should stop allowing people in Nigeria get away with things. Why should a nursery pupil have her hair shaved? Why didn’t they let you know before registration? Seems to be they deliberately did not inform you.

  • Ha….did u not visit d classroom before enrolling her?..atleast u wud have noticed other kids haircut…If they refuse to take responsibility let them refund part of the school fees so u can change her school.Its still first term and its nursery school am sure u can still enroll her elsewhere..I think shaving her hair is bizarre

  • They should refund her all the money joor, which kind military junta is that.did they inform her,No…Nne if didn’t comply, get a court to assist you.just talk to any good lawyer you know, by the time, he’s done with them.They’ll be the one paying for the lawyer as well cus that’s a breach of fundamental human right.

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