Guildelines On Choosing a Bed For Your Toddler

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When your baby is about a year, he starts becoming a toddler. This is about the time you should help him transit from a crib or your bed to his own bed. Are there guidelines to choosing a bed for this age grade? Yes, there are.

These are the things you need to look out for when helping your infant-turned-toddler transition from crib to bed.

The frame of the bed must be solid and stable as opposed to lose and shaky. Toddlers have a lot of energy and may be given to doing gymnastics on the bed. Check to make sure screws, bolts and nuts are tightened. Do this at regular intervals.

The mattress should be a perfect fit for the frame so that your toddler’s head, hand or legs doesn’t get caught in the space and cause some discomfort.

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Pillows are not compulsory but if you choose to have one, make it a relatively flat one.

The height of the frame should not be so much so that your toddler can easily get on and off. Also, if he/she rolls off while playing or sleeping, there won’t be any serious physical injuries. Some experts/parents will rather put the mattress on the floor for this same reason. No frames, no falls.

Quilts, thick blankets or a rug can be placed beneath and around the bed for extra safety. Just in case…

Detachable guard rails won’t be a bad idea. Some toddler beds have guard rails that swing downwards on hinges.

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The position of the bed should not be directly under a (ceiling) fan or too close to a window, especially one with blinds/curtains and cords. Your child could be exposed to extreme temperatures, get tangled and strangled with the cords or suffocate if his/her head gets wrapped in the curtain.

Still on positioning, place the headboard against a wall as opposed to placing the side against the wall. Your child’s head or limbs can get caught in any space and this might cause some hurting.

Bedsheets should always be firmly tucked in and blankets shouldn’t be too thick as these can cause suffocation if your child’s head gets wrapped in them.

If all these are in place, your toddler is ready for the promotion from crib to bed.

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