5 Ways To Achieve Great Celebrity-type Skin

Every woman wants to look good. If y0u are conscious of your skin and is constantly on the look out for best ways to look like magazine cover celebrities, here are 5 ways to achieve that skin goal.

  1. Stay loyal to your skin care product

Of course, that’s if you’ve observed that it works. Many women are constantly on the look out for the next best things in skincare/ beauty products. When they get info, usually by word of mouth, about the “new product in town”, they rush for it. Beauty experts say the secret is to stay loyal to one beauty product that actually works for you. When you find that soap, cream or make up line that works for you, stick to it.

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  1. Keep your skin hydrated

It does not only involve drinking water. Also hydrate your skin topically. The appropriate beauty product should be water-based gel masks for your face as they soothe the skin and hydrate those dry and thirsty skin cells. Moisturise your skin after washing and applying a toner.

  1. Au naturale facelift

Do you like Beyoncé’s skin? Want your skin to look like hers? Well, she uses a very simple face mask that won’t cost a pound of flesh: cut strawberry and rub the juice on your face. Leave for 5 minutes and wash off. Done. Chanel Iman, the sweet looking model uses apple and honey.

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Here’s another simple one: take an egg and separate the yolk from the white (albumin). First, mix the yolk with a drop of olive oil and an eighth of a teaspoon of honey (that’s about a drop too, I guess). Apply the mixture to your face and leave to dry, then leave it for an extra five minutes before removing it. This will remove dead skin cells while nourishing and moisturising your skin.

Next, mix the egg white with a few drops of lemon and apply to your face. Leave that to dry then rinse off. This tightens your skin, removing any wrinkles and makes it all shiny.

  1.  Use sun protection

We’ve heard a lot of good and bad stuff about the sun and they are all true. The sun is no doubt the richest source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to destroy free radicals that cause premature aging. Then again, too much exposure to the Ultraviolet rays of the sun will surely cause premature aging. Funny, right? So, what to do? Let the morning sun hit your skin and take in that good vitamin but minimise it.

Also, protect your skin from too much exposure with the right sunscreen. According to celebrity skincare consultants, use a moisturiser with sunscreen that’s fortified with zinc oxide. The zinc oxide will make sure your skin pores don’t get clogged.

  1. Wash, scrub or cleanse

Just make sure you’re regularly keeping your skin clean. Kim Kardashian-West says her mom taught her to use a washcloth soaked in hot water to clean her face and she’s not stopping that anytime soon. Some experts think this is not so good. Stacey Dash who has starred in movies like Ride or Die, Sharknado and Nora’s Hair Salon 2, says her secret is night-time cleansing. Experts recommend day and night time cleansing using sulphate-free, non-drying cleanser. Some also suggest using facial scrubs that contain acids that are specifically suitable for your skin type.

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