Dear Mimsters: In Which Other Ways Can I Sexually Satisfy My Husband Until My Delivery?

I’m 26 weeks pregnant. I was told my placenta is low lying and was therefore  advised by the doctor to stay away from sex until after my delivery to avoid bleeding and a possible miscarriage.

The last time I had sex with hubby was in early September. Since then, I have abstained from sex, meanwhile my due date is in January. So we still have a while to go.

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I need suggestions on other ways to can sexually satisfy my husband because he’s been asking me for sex. This is happening even after the doctor warned me to choose between avoiding sex so my baby can be safe safely or a possible miscarriage. I understand my hubby is human but I can’t risk losing my baby again. I remember how my last pregnancy ended in tears after I lost my baby at 26 weeks.

So, dear Mimsters, please show me how to pleasure my dear husband without penetration. Oral sex is not an option for us as we don’t practise it.

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“Dear Mimsters: In Which Other Ways Can I Sexually Satisfy My Husband Until My Delivery?”
  • The only way is for your husband to understand the situation at hand and chill, That you could lose the baby again if he have sex with you. Oral sex not an option, kiss then….and use your hand, still adamant, pray to God.

  • So ur hubby would rather put you at risk of loosing ur(his)baby just so he could pleasure himself for about 10mins or less. I’m sorry but that’s rather insensitive and selfish of him. It’s up to u madam as its ur body and u can decide whatever u want to do with it, u’ve been in this shoes once and I’m sure u don wanna go down dat way again. U better think and talk things very well with ur hubby. Since u can’t try oral, try anal and if u dont like that as well, use ur hand. If he’s nt satisfied,show him d way to a brothel.

  • Placenta previa type what is yours? You had better escalate to your religious leaders . beçause it is not only loosing the baby what about your own life. He will marry another woman under 1 year. You had better borrow yourself brains!

  • Hello sis,I can understand how u feel,well this is a best way I think u can help ur husband without any of u being hurt,put ur thighs together,wet it with water and let ur husband put his manhood inside like its ur pussy,it will feel warm and also be tight like the real thing,and he will release like the normal penetration though but he will be satisfied…..

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