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Dear MIMsters: Everything Seemed To Be Going Grand Until He Told Me His Story

I met a guy on Facebook last month. He’s 47 while I’m 28. Everything with him seemed to be going grand until he told me his story.

Peter and I started chatting and exchanged contacts. Things were really good between us due to his care. He would call to know how I’m doing.

Two or three weeks into our friendship, one talk led to the other and I told him of how I’ve been working without pay for the past 7 months. He was pained but he said he couldn’t do anything to help. He planned to visit the country soon and would see what he can do when he comes. Since I didn’t ask for money, I said OK, no problem.

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Early this month, I received a distressed call that my dad was sick and there was no money to do even a lab test and to buy drugs.

Later that night, Peter noticed I sounded dull and he asked, so I told him about my dad. He asked how much would I have sent if I had the money, I told him about 10k or 15k. To my greatest surprise, he asked for my account details and after sending it, immediately, I received a bank alert of 20k.

Wow! Unbelievable! For this kind time. I thanked him.

He replied, “Nne, this so urgent and must be treated so.” And he keeps asking about my dad all the time.

The second time again, I was so in need of money for my younger brother who came to visit me, he did the same amazing thing. All these while, I didn’t know anything about him nor where’s he’s from. I wanted to reserve all my questions until he returns on the 23rd, the supposed date of his arrival.

However, due to an error with his ticket, he missed his flight. I was so disappointed and so was he but what can we say other than GOD knows  best.

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Fast forward to yesterday, he decided to tell me things about himself to make things clear. Oh! Lest I forgot, he sent me another 30k for my trip this weekend. This makes it 3 times he has sent money to someone that he has never met before.

Back to his story. He has been married for 10 years but now separated. They’re like divorced couples because they no longer live together. Trouble started when his wife couldn’t conceive. According to Peter, they have tried so many options and visited so many hospitals but nothing came out of it.

He believes he’s not the problem because he already has a son with a white woman but they lost him to the cold hands of death. So, the only solution left is to remarry and he wants me to be his wife, but also wants me to get pregnant first.

I became so confused after he told me all these things and I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid of my family’s reaction when they hear his story. Moreso, he’s coming back in March for us to have a sit down and finalise.

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Please help me out with your advice because I have come to like him.

4 Discussions on
“Dear MIMsters: Everything Seemed To Be Going Grand Until He Told Me His Story”
  • Run as fast as your leg can carry you. I believe this guy is married to a white woman and is looking for an African bride.

  • It depends on you now to make a stiff decision. If you can withstand de wahala of being a 2nd wife den you go ahead but if you can’t den chill you’ll find ur own husband

  • Dear I think you will have to make a decision based on your personal principles by answering such questions :

    1. Would you want to be a second wife? if yes then you can move on, if no, then he will have to officially divorce his wife before you can say anything.

    2. Would you want to open your legs before saying I do? – naturally, opening legs before the ” I do” leads to mistrust. And in this situation where you guys live far apart..

    Dear, you need to appreciate his kindness but in the right way.

    Noted that you like him and may even love him but some life situations can change and that changes our emotions too. Just imagine how your “sweetie’s” love for his wife is changed now.

    Make a personal decision which will be life long beneficial. – I BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL MAKE THE BEST DECISION!

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