Dear MIMsters: Why I Need a Human Rights Lawyer

Can anyone reading this please link me up with a good human rights lawyer? Let me explain why I need one urgently.

I’ve endured continuous domestic violence even during pregnancy in the hands of my husband. I’ve also endured emotional, verbal and any kind of abuse you can think of. This has made me lose every atom of self esteem I had.

I have no friends, because I have been caged in by this man. As I type, I still feel this sharp pain on my left spine which I’ve had for a little over six months now. It was caused by the beating I received from my husband. He did this while I carried my baby right in my arms.

His mother is the architect of everything as she is the dictator who controls everything going on in my home. She tells my husband what he should or shouldn’t do and whether he should drop money to feed or not. I can only leave her to God as she is a key leader in one of the most spiritual churches in Nigeria.

Now, my husband is threatening to take my life and I feel very unsafe. I just want to be courageous and leave this house but I don’t know what steps to take. I have a one year old baby and currently reside in Port Harcourt. What should I do? Please help me.


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“Dear MIMsters: Why I Need a Human Rights Lawyer”
  • Please call this number, 08022737965, just that he’s a human rights lawyer in Surulere Lagos. I believe he can hook you up with someone in Port Harcourt. Please stay safe and don’t disclose to anyone what you’re about to do to avoid this man hurting you badly.

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