Millionaire Dad Hires Strippers to Perform at Son’s 12th Birthday Party | See Footage

It’s not unusual for a parent to go over the top to celebrate their children on their special days. However, what this millionaire dad did on his 12-year-old son’s birthday has left many questioning his parental values.

Video footage of the birthday party, which reportedly took place in the United States shows several erotic dancers doing some moves in front of the boy.

In one short scene, the boy appears uncomfortable as two strippers dance and rub their breasts in his face.

In another part of the clip, a woman dressed only in black lingerie encourages the boy to dance with her, while a man believed to be his father looks on.

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Several Spanish-language news outlets have reported on the video, but it is not known exactly where it was filmed or the nationality of the family.

According to Estrella TV, a Spanish-speaking TV channel in the US, the father hoped to turn his son into a man.


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The father of the boy is reported to be a ‘millionaire’ by Another clip shows the boy with his top off, dancing with one of the lingerie-clad women by a stripper’s pole.

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The father can be seen smiling broadly and encouraging his son. The video was shared widely on YouTube where users have questioned the father’s parenting abilities.

Commentators have called the father’s ‘birthday gift’ inappropriate, saying a pre-pubescent boy should not be sexualised in this way, with some even calling it s*xual abuse of a child.

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It was condemned by commenters, with some pointing out how different the situation would be if it was a 12-year-old girl with male strippers.

In the comment section of the video, there was mixed reaction.

Marco Scodorbes felt the father “deserves a medal“.

Watch the video HERE.

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