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Dear MIMsters: My Maid I Discovered My Maid Has Been Messing With my Son

I had no idea that my maid has been messing with my son until now.

Yesterday, I caught my two year old baby fondling with his genitals. When he saw me enter his room, he quickly pulled up his briefs.

I have been in shock, even till today. I am suspecting foul play at his school and also a 12 year old girl whom I took in to my house. I take good care of her as if she were my own biologically child, not as a maid.

I enrolled her in a good private school and I make sure she’s well. To be sincere with you, she is safer and better off with me than with her own parent which is why her mum insisted I take her with me.

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My husband doesn’t mind paying the huge fees for her. I so love this girl and have good plans for her.

This morning, I asked her about playing around with my son and she admitted it. I found out that she has been abusing my babies including my little one who is less than 10 months old. She said another boy from her hometown started messing with her.

Now my issue is how to stop my son from playing with his genitals as he is a very fast learner. As for this girl, she is going back to her parents.

I have tried to keep calm but I just can’t. My head feels like it’s going to burst. Please advise me on how to handle this.

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“Dear MIMsters: My Maid I Discovered My Maid Has Been Messing With my Son”
  • Isn’t age 2 the phase where they play and touch their genitals? Someone please correct me if I am wrong. Your son will grow out of it don’t worry. Please take that girl back and help from afar if you so wish.

  • I think its an habit he would get over with time. Even my 14months old son fondles his genitals whenever his realises hes naked.

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