Momma’s Boy: “Why I chose my mum over my Fiancee” AkobiWenger, Twitter User Reveals

A young man identified as AkobiWenger on Twitter narrated how his mother did not approve of his intentions to marry a particular woman and what she did to have her way.

He said his mother had to admit herself in the hospital to prove her point. He further disclosed that his mother did not like the woman he wanted to marry because she was a divorced mother of two children.

According to him, he had to leave the woman just to fulfil his mother’s wish.

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His post reads:

“My mom voluntarily admitted herself into a hospital when I was planning on marrying a divorced mother of 2 for a whole week. She was like this is how you will be seeing me (in the hospital) for the rest of my life if you won’t leave that girl.

Sadly, it worked. It was crazy, you tried explaining things and you get is: Choose between me and her. No brainer.

I gotta let her go. I don’t love anyone enough to choose them ahead of my mom. Lol.”

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When the issue of marriage is discussed in most African homes, most parents especially, mothers would want to stamp their approval on whomever their children choose to spend the rest of their lives with.


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