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”I’m trying to get to ten” -P Diddy on Starting a Family With Longtime Girlfriend, Cassie

Father to six beautiful children Sean Combs, a.k.a P Diddy says he isn’t close to being finished.

The American hip-hop superstar, could see himself expanding his family with longtime girlfriend Cassie Ventura, 31, and jokes he could go for double digits, “I love children. I’m trying to get to ten.”

Last year, the Grammy-winning rap mogul, 48, was named Forbes’ richest celebrity with a staggering net worth of $820 million.

In a recent report by Celebritybabyscoop, the doting dad who says he doesn’t care about the Forbes list but rather, he cares more about being a great dad, admits the thought of ten kids running around might be a bit much for him to handle, “I could go to eight without a problem.”

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And it’s no wonder the music mogul could go for more children, his six kids have turned out incredible.

“I’m very proud of them”, he spoke of his children and has been “incredible” to witness them “grow up and actually be nice human beings.”

And he admits things could have turned out differently for his children, “Because you know, it didn’t have to end that way. When you think about a lot of celebrity families, it gets a little weird sometimes.”

P Diddy, who claimed he met the three women who eventually become the mothers to his six children, all in one year, attributes how well his children have turned out to their mothers.
“I’ve been truly blessed to have some great, incredible relationships that have afforded me these children by these very strong, intelligent, beautiful black women. My heart goes off to them.”

The women Diddy shares his six children with are Misa Hylton-BrimKimberly Porter, and Sarah Chapman all whom he had relationships with and are still good friends.

But with multiple exes and kids with all three of these women co-existing wasn’t easy in the beginning.

“I mean, you have to start to treat your family like a tribe if you have other mothers of your children. The separatism starts to wear on the family as a whole. We all in it together.

 So, we might as well figure out how to co-exist, and they along lovely. Everybody is good because they’re good people too.”

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But when it’s all said and done P Diddy would only add to his tribe with his leading lady of five years Cassie, “I would only have it with my girl of course.”

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“”I’m trying to get to ten” -P Diddy on Starting a Family With Longtime Girlfriend, Cassie”

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