The First Time Mum’s Guide to Shopping for Her Newborn (Part Two)

Terundu Joy Ogbugoh

After purchasing the basics on the list given to you by your midwife, which usually consists of baby clothes, baby wipes, diapers, cotton bud, olive oil, bath items, body cream, powder, hair oil, flannels, socks, handkerchiefs, vests, caps, water flasks, diaper bag, you might want to add other items to your shopping cart designed to give you that extra help with your newborn.

Below are the top seven items an expectant mother would find very useful and helpful continued from here.


Do you own a car? If yes, then a car seat is a must have! As soon as it is okay for your baby to move about with you, you need a car seat for two reasons: safety and independence.

There are car seats for new borns, and as long as it is properly set up and baby is tucked in correctly, you won’t have to worry about your baby’s safety.

Always remember to follow the manual carefully while setting up the seat.


Babies get hungry every two or three hours, and when your little one begins to cry for food, you will reach out for your breasts wherever you are.

To give you a bit of privacy and ward off distractions, use a nursing cover. It covers up your breast while shielding your little one from distractions.

It is advisable to get one, especially if you have large breasts and do not want to entertain stares from onlookers. You never know when you might need one, anyways.


There would be times you would have to dash to the market, the Bank, attend a class or run some errands leaving your baby at home with a caretaker. If you stay out too long, your breasts may get too full from unsed milk and you may start to leak and end up staining your clothes. This can be embarrasing if you are not wearing a breast pad. So, throw in a breast pad into your shopping cart when you go shopping.

Breast pads are placed in-between the nipple and the bra to prevent dripping milk from staining your clothes.

7.    ROCKER.

Who wants to lay in bed all day? As soon as your baby can hold her head up by herself which is usually from four months upwards, he or she is ready for her rocker or swing. And babies love this stuff. The rocking or swinging effect soothes their restlessness. It reminds them of the feeling of been rocked according to the different motions  of your body while still in the womb. It is a great form of relaxation too. It is also a great way to relax your tired hands from carrying your baby.

Like a cot, this can be easily moved around the house.

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