Dear MIMsters: Am I Jealous of My Boyfriend’s Daughter?

I just don’t know how I’m feeling or how to handle this. Am I jealous of my boyfriend’s daughter?
I lost my husband to cancer when my baby was just one year old. Three years later, I found another man who has been too lovely to my son and I. My boy loves him and even calls him daddy.
The issue now is that this guy has a daughter from a previous relationship who is same age with my son. She lives with her mother. I have been looking forward to meet her to show her my love too.
Unfortunately, when we travelled to his hometown to see her, this little girl said something to my son that hurt me. My son called him daddy as he usually does but his daughter told my son, “he is not your daddy, go and look for yours.” She fought my son for an iPad I gave him to play with, collected it and said, “it is my daddy’s iPad, go and get yours.”
I want to know…should I tell my son to stop address him as daddy? Am I being jealous too? I need advice on how to handle my emotions because I do love this man.
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“Dear MIMsters: Am I Jealous of My Boyfriend’s Daughter?”
  • i think u should live above this little challenge and put ur emotion in place. This little brat shouldnt put ur emotion unstable, i believe shes jealous that u took her mother place with time she will get over it. Dont stop ur child of calling him daddy, atleast he is the daddy ur child can see for now. it is well.

  • She’s just a child, children, as much as they are free can also be possessive. You need to discuss this with your husband, since he accepted you and your son and the girl should be taught how to love and respect other children. Be patient and everything will turn out fine.

  • If you guys are going to eventually get married, why stop him from calling him daddy just because his daughter a little girl at that who is naive says don’t call him daddy. Next time talk to her nicely and say he is his daddy too.

  • Dear, it is very normal for any mum to be protective of her child.

    My question is, what was the reaction of your boyfriend when his daughter made those comments?

    Your boyfriend will have to talk her into accepting your son as her brother if the relationship have to go far.

    On your part, show the girl indiscriminate love any time you find the chance. And also tell your boy to ignore her unwelcome comments and see her as his sister.
    Pray for them both, and let them know that you do.
    I am sure that you will fine.

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