Help Find Our Child! Parents of 3-Year-Old Boy Who Went Missing Cry Out

A Nigerian couple, Mr and Mrs Olugbogi has launched a search for their missing son.

The Olugbogi family of Oto-Awori local council development area in Ijanikin, Lagos confirmed to that their 3-year-old son, Enoch Adedotun Olugbogi has been missing since February 24.

Enoch’s father, Adegboyega Olugbogi revealed that his son was playing at his grandmother’s place which is an open compound when she suddenly realized that she couldn’t find her grand child.

She initially thought Enoch had gone to the family church which is in close proximity of their house only for those in the church to say that they hadn’t seen him.

Mr Olugbogi further disclosed that a comprehensive search had been launched aimed at finding Enoch but so far, no reputable leads have been found.

Also, the case has been reported at the Ijanikin police station and the DPO has also visited his residence to conduct a feasibility study of the area.

The public is hereby informed that if little Enoch is found or spotted anywhere, please get in touch with the following phone numbers: 08082001680, 07089171691, 08065251187.

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