Why “I regret getting married late” – Actress Nkechi Emmanuel-Amara Reveals in Latest Interview

Marriage is sweet, if in it with the right person, hence the reason why Nollywood actress, Nkechi Emmanuel a.k.a Nurse Titi in the popular sitcom, Clinic Matters, who once said Nigerian men don’t have what she’s looking for in a man, now married to her lover, Ambrose Amara, from Britain wished she had taken the plunge earlier.

Obviously still basking in the euphoria of her marriage, the script interpreter told Inside Nollywood that if she had known, she would have tied the knot long, long time ago.

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In her words;

“Marriage feels so good. In fact, I regret that I didn’t go into it early enough. Marriage is so sweet. I will advise all single ladies and guys out there to try and find the right person.

There is nothing like having the right person who your heart beats for, all the time. I mean hugs in the morning and night, and then sharing ideas and everything together.

Honestly, I regret I got married late. I should have done it a long time ago,” she asserted.

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Speaking of her acting career, Mrs Amara maintained that marriage would not in any way affect her job.

“Not at all. I don’t see it coming. It’s even going to multiply my progress, because hopefully most of the movies he’s going to be directing, I will be involved. So, it is going to boost my career,” she assured.

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On her view on domestic violence in marriages, Mrs Amara, in an interview last year said;

”It is 100 percent wrong and I advise people that they should not create a cause for domestic violence to take place.”

In case you encounter domestic violence in your marriage, what will you do?

”I like to give people opportunities. I won’t just rush out of my marriage, I would take a break and let him realise his mistake.”

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