Meet Marvellous Baby Born 4 Years After His Parents Died (Photos)

In what many people believe is a marvellous feat, a baby has been born years after the parents died in an auto crash.

According to AsianCorrespondence report, four years after a Chinese couple died in a car crash, their baby was born to a surrogate through the help of fertility treatment.

The boy’s parents, Shen Jie and his wife Liu Xi, were killed in a crash in Yixing in Jiangsu province in March 2013.

They were undergoing fertility treatment before they died. Tiantian was born in China in December to a Laotian surrogate. Although he has no parents, his four grandparents have reportedly proven relations through DNA.

Tian-tian’s parents had intended on having a baby through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and froze several embryos.

After their untimely death, the grandparents-in-waiting fought a protracted legal battle to inherit the fertilized eggs that were frozen in a Nanjing hospital’s liquid nitrogen tank.

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Chinese media noted that there was no precedent for the legal battle. But eventually, the grandparents won custody of the embryos.  Their next challenge was finding a surrogate.

Since the service is illegal in China, they had to look abroad, eventually hiring an agency and settling on Laos, where surrogacy is not prohibited.

But no airline wanted to take a thermos of liquid-nitrogen encased embryos onboard, so the eggs had to be transported across the border by car.

To ensure Chinese citizenship for the baby Tiantian, the surrogate travelled to China, and gave birth there on a tourist visa.

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The four new grandparents said they were thrilled that they are able to continue the families’ bloodline. According to Liu’s mother, little Tiantian looks just like his father.

“Tiantian’s eyes look like my daughter’s but overall, he looks more like his father,” she told Beijing News.

Hu Xingxian, Tianian’s maternal grandmother, said:

“We named him Sweetie, because we hoped his arrival would bring sweetness to us after the bitterness.”

Their next dilemma is how to tell Tiantian about his background. Shen Xinan, Tiantian’s paternal grandfather, told Beijing News that until Tiantian is older they will tell him his parents are overseas.
“This boy is destined to be sad on his arrival into the world. Other babies have their fathers and mothers, but he doesn’t. We will definitely tell him in the future. How can we not?” Shen said.
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