How I Discovered My Child Has Cerebral Palsy

Celebrating her son on his birthday who has cerebral palsy, a Nigerian mother of her special needs child took to her social media account to recount the circumstances surrounding her son’s birth and how they found out he has partial brain damage.

According to mum, Folashade Fadugba, she was in labour for 12 hours and when her baby didn’t come out after a while, they later resorted to a Cesarean Section to save her life and that of the little one.

Following the delivery, according to Folashade, her baby refused to cry but with the help of the doctor, he was revived.

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Folashade added that Toluwalase who weighed 5.5kg at birth later shrunk to 2.2kg, there she discovered something was wrong. Few weeks after, she also discovered that her baby boy was not growing like every other children.

She took him to a specialist where it was discovered that he had cerebral palsy and his brain is partially damaged. As expected, she was shattered but she let her love for her child lead her.

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After relocating to France, she described the environment has shown nothing but love. This has made her appreciate life in a different way and now she is free of hate.

”I’m done with hate because I see every child as one. I’m done with worries because my inner strength and my love supersede stress and troubles.

Please join me to see beyond the labels and wish a happy birthday to Toluwalase,” Fadugba writes.

She’s now sharing her story with the hopes it will inspire other mothers.

Handsome Toluwalashe.

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Read her touching story below…

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