10 Basic Things To Do Before a Baby’s Arrival

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Your new baby is on its way. What do you do to prepare for this bundle of joy and the attendant issues that will come up as a result of this new addition to your home? Find basic ways to prepare your home for it’s arrival.

Do all that’s necessary to make your home healthy and safe enough for your new baby. If affordable, switch to eco-friendly household cleaning products and make sure the home is well-ventilated. As your baby grows and starts to crawl, there will be need to make sure all potential hazards are kept out of your baby’s way.

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Arrange for help during and after the birth of the child. Look for a nanny or ask for family members to help out. Determine who is coming in to help out. Your mum or mother-in-law? Also, determine how long they will stay. Determine the type of help you will need after they have left.

If you work and think you will need to put your baby in a crèche, find a suitable crèche and make enquiries. Do you want a crèche near your office or one near your home? One of the ways to choose is to visit a few. Look around, observe and ask questions to find out the hygienic standards put into place, and child care. Make sure these do not fall short of your expectations.

Arrange to clean the house and organize all closets and stores within the house. Make sure all this is done before the arrival of the baby. Keep everything and everywhere clean and ready for the baby’s arrival as you won’t have the time and energy to do these when the baby arrives.

It is important to stock the house with all necessities for you and the new born. If there are other siblings, you have to make a plan to ensure that their needs are met while you focus on your new born.

Knowledge is power, so get several baby books and magazines to read so you can have knowledge of what to expect in the first few weeks and perhaps, months to come, as well as how to handle them. This will take a lot of stress off you.

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If you have any pets, this is the time to make sure that they are kept clean and outside the home. This is to prevent exposure of the baby to infections and make sure the pet gets used to living outside before the baby comes.

Also make sure your pets see the veterinarian and get their shots regularly.

Write down important phone numbers and place them in strategic locations where they can be seen within the house. You can put the list on refrigerators, on boards, behind doors, etc. The list should include the doctor’s phone number, the phone number of an ambulance service, a cab service, your spouse’s phone number and the number of other relevant people. This is for easy access when there is an emergency. You never know when and how labour will start and who will be around then. You might need to get to the hospital within minutes. Also, put a copy of this list in your handbag and baby bag.

The room designated for the baby (nursery) should be arranged and all necessary things bought. The baby bed, the changing table, room decorations, the baby clothes and diapers should be placed and arranged properly in the room. The bed should be set up, clothes properly folded and arranged in the wardrobe. Put everything in place as if it is ready for use. The anti-malaria net should also be set up.

Before you have the baby, it is necessary to choose a paediatrician that will take care of the child medically. Take a look around and choose one that suits your need. The location and referrals are some of the criteria for such. You can pay a visit and ask questions.

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The other children need to be carried along in order for them to feel they are a part of the process. You need to talk to them about the baby and where applicable, allocate responsibilities. This will create a sense of joint ownership of the baby. Educate them on the needs of the baby and yours. Let them know what to expect and tell them how they can help you and the baby. For instance, let them know that the highest level of hygiene is required and that some level of quietness is required, especially when the baby is asleep.

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