Dear MIMsters: Married to a Husband Like Mine, How Else Do I Cope In this Marriage?

I have been married for fifteen years now with children. My husband is a bank manager and has a business which is run by me. This business brings home daily income for me and it has been ongoing for almost 8 years now. Right now, I don’t know how else to cope with all that’s going on as my husband has refused to listen.
I have been the only one paying all the bills. Electricity bill is N30,000 monthly. Other bills include DSTV, months, feeding, PSP, children’s clothings and the children’s co-curricular and lesson fees. The only thing my husband pays is for is the children’s school fees and nothing more. In addition to paying these, bills, I run the business also and I need money to run the business effectively.
If the vehicle for the business has a fault, I have to pay, no matter how expensive it is. My husband has been on transfer to another state for like 10 years now. He only comes home on weekends. He often comes home and leaves without dropping a penny even when he can clearly see that we are lacking at home.
He often complains of being broke and says that he has a loan to service. Meanwhile, before he established this business, I had my own shop where I sell stuffs. Due to his inability to give us money to run the home, I started collecting money from the sales of my shop until it all ran out. 
Now, I spend from the money I realize from the business I’m managing for my husband. Since, I have been managing the business for him, he has totally left all his responsibilities to me, except for the children’s school fees.
The income the business is fetching us now is not meeting up with our monthly expenses. I have sat my husband down to have a talk with him, so he can see things clearly but there’s been no improvement at all. None whatsoever.
I’m getting fed up right now because I have stooped to the level of borrowing from my neighbor to meet up with our needs. Any sum of money realised, ends up being spent on our needs.

 We live in our own house. What else should I do to make ends meet?

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“Dear MIMsters: Married to a Husband Like Mine, How Else Do I Cope In this Marriage?”

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