Dear MIMsters: Sequel: My Husband is Perfect But for this One Thing. Would I Be Wrong to Ask for a Divorce?

This is the sequel of my first story. (Read here.)

I want to seize this opportunity to thank MotherHood In-Style for creating a platform such as this through which people can ‘speak out’ and seek for counsel; it is really commendable. May God continually bless everyone at MIS magazine.

I also want to express my appreciation to everyone who gave a counsel on my story, I am grateful.

Going forward, I will like to make some clarifications on some of the counsels given…

I have been partially responsible for myself on decision-making since I was aged 5, partially financially responsible for myself since I was aged 15, and fully financially responsible for myself since I was 21 so forgive me if I thought I would get a relief whenever marriage happens.

Someone asked if there was a man somewhere making ‘promises’ to me. No! There isn’t.

Another person alleged that I wanted to leave him after turning him into my houseboy, and I laughed at how we humans are always quick to jump into conclusions concerning other people. My MIL raised four boys who have since grown into men. My brothers’ in-law wives can all attest to how great our husbands are in helping with house chores. MIL raised all her sons to be helpful around the house. She once told me how she couldn’t afford house helps and since she had four sons, she had no other choice than to raise them to be helpful around the house; and they all are very handy in their various homes.

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I wrote my story and sent it to MIS because I was confused but Charlotte Nana Boatemaa-Donkor’s comment spoke to me in volumes. Thank you! I was able to see the aspects I overlooked in my ‘one minute madness’ of ever thinking of abandoning a man who has been so supportive. I got to that point because the debts and bills we owe have run into a million plus naira. House rents, School fees etc. None of the money we owe was spent on trivialities. We are modest on all fronts. To maximize the use of the money I make, I wear a low cut, I stay away from spending on beauty products, and we do not sweat over what anyone around us own; we are content with what we have.

Busoye Olajire wrote, “What you have is greater than what you lack.” Thank you for that statement, you are very right. I have since been counting my blessings and God showed Himself true to us.

The very day my story was published, Shile got a contract from which he made a profit of three hundred thousand naira and we unanimously decided to pay some of our debt with it.

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I am giving this feedback for three reasons:

To thank MIS magazine for this wonderful platform, to thank everyone who counseled me after reading my story and to share our testimony of provision.

I love Shile and I will stick with him trusting God to bless our hustle more and more.

Thank you!!!

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