Former Singer, Eddy Remedy Talks About His Failed Marriage For the First Time & How it Killed His Career

Eddy Asiedu Brown aka Eddy Montana married Gospel singer turned politician, Kenny Saint Ogungbe many years ago after which Kenny changed her name to Kenny Saint Brown.

After 7 years of marriage, two children together, and the pair divorced, Kenny changed her name yet again to Kenny Saint Best. The break-up was widely reported as the two were always in the limelight. Since the two singers separated, they have remained single.

Recently, Sunday Scoop, had a chat with Eddy and the father of two admitted that when his marriage  failed was a low point in his life. He says:

“I don’t have any low point apart from my failed marriage. Things were going fine for me until I started having problems with my marriage. It was possible I could have saved it if I had put in more effort but I am also human.

Right now, I have grown and I know we all make mistakes as humans. I made my mistakes and she (Kenny Saint Best) must have made hers too. Do you think anyone is perfect?”

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KSB with one of her children with Eddy.

Meanwhile, Eddy stated that despite the apparent differences between him and KSB, they are still good friends. Explaining why he reduced the pace at which he was doing music, he revealed that his marital troubles affected his desire to do music for a long time.

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“For years, I did not put out songs. You would remember that my marriage was in trouble and I broke down emotionally. My doctor didn’t want me to get back to work because of my state of health and mind.

“I lost my marriage and my kids were not with me as well. I had to take a break for my health and my children because different stories were written about me and I didn’t want my kids to grow up with that tension. Even though my music suffered, it was very important for me to take a break at that time,” he revealed.

KSB is the younger sister of Kenny Ogungbe; co-owner of Kennis Music and Eddy Brown (A.K.A Eddy Remedy)  was a member of the defunct musical group the Remedies, made up of  Idris Abdulkareem, Tony Tetuila and himself.

Since their breakup, Eddy, has been living amidst controversies. In an interview in 2007, the musician spoke issues threatening his marriage and career, and accused his ex wife of sleeping around, among others.

”The thing is that me and my wife have been having problems for a while and I did not want to discuss anything about it initially.

I think it is the issue of the third party. My wife allowed a third party into our marriage, which was her family. She was allowing her sister to dictate to her from one angle, her brother Keke Ogungbe, from another and she worshipped them as if they are gods.

I have made a promise to the Almighty God that because of the children, I will not talk about this issue until recently, when my wife and Keke Ogungbe, reportedly attacked me in some media.

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It bothered me a lot because I don’t know why Keke should be involved in my relationship except if we involve him. I said we, meaning it should be me and my wife that will involve him before he can intervene.

I am talking now because I want certain things to be put straight. In a nutshell, I think it is just a matter of indiscipline and insurbordination on the part of my wife. I can tell you categorically that I have never hit my wife, and it is unfair for anybody to go out to say that I am a wife beater.

She had been with me for seven years. About the black-eye that she had, thank God that even her family, in fact, both sides are witnesses that she was attacked by armed robbers in the house. About 16 armed men came to the house and they were asking for Keke Ogungbe, but meanwhile, she was in Keke’s house and that was a long time ago.

So, you know the controversies about me had happened before then. Now, this issue about sex, yes, I said that and it is quite true. But, that was in the relationship and if you don’t mind, I would not like go into details about that.

I was just counting and a couple of things that the woman had done to herself and my image through her brother, Keke. They really tried to batter my image and treated me like a fool, you know, they used me and felt they could dump me anyhow.

My wife sat on me like a stool and I took all these from the family. But it’s about time, I think that God has removed the wool from my eyes. So, in my moving-on in life, if my woman is not carrying herself along with me and says she wants to go, well, I would not stop her.

When I married my wife, she was nobody. It was when the Remedies was making waves that her name, KSB, evolved. I was in the limelight, had everything I needed, met her and we loved each other.

She was aware of everything that I had including my smoking habit the first time we met, she saw me smoking and even, the first time she visited the Adeniyi Jones apartment of the Remedies, she met me with a stick of cigarette.

She was used to my smoking habit and she had followed me to the Afrika Shrine, when I was still playing with Femi Kuti. That’s the same born-again Christian that was following me to the Shrine and everywhere I smoked from 1999 and now claims she can no longer sleep with me and tolerate my smoking habit.

The same born-again is now accusing me of sleeping with our house maid. So, what is really meant to be a born-again? It bothers me sometimes to the extent that I stopped going to church because of my wife. I mean the same church I used to attend with her because I see it as hypocrisy.

I see my wife as a very good chameleon. She is a wonderful chameleon. It’s a pity that I have to talk about my wife like this but I am doing it to set the records straight. And this is because I told her never to go to the press because the issue is too sensitive to be taken to the press.

I told her that we ought to package ourselves and not to let the press know a bit about the issue that she’s the only person that is hurt. I am bitterly hurt also and I have broken down, thank God for some friends that came around me like Sammy Needle, Kalvin Luciano of Question Mark, Dele Momodu, Mayor Akinpelu, Daniel Wilson and Guv’nor Ken Caleb Olumese of Niteshift Coliseum.

If not for them, I would have been heart-broken because I loved my wife so much. I even loved her to a fault. I loved her more than she loved me because if she loved me, she would not have been going out with the people she is dating (please don’t ask me their names because I won’t tell you), even in marriage.

And she still had the guts to say in public that I slept with the house girl. The issue of the house girl is minimal if you don’t give me sex, even if I did. But I did not. Even if I did, it was minimal to the fact that she was sleeping around, which I knew of, just that I don’t have much proof.

KSB, on the other hand, broke her silence, advising fellow daughters of Eve who are making plans to go into wedlock someday to beware. Her words:

“Don’t ever marry a man that you will be giving energy to, because at the end, he will use the same energy to fight you. I was somebody’s friend, we got married and it failed. Is it his duty to go and talk to the whole world?

“Don’t ever marry an artiste or an actor. Date, you can date them, but don’t ever marry them,” She counselled. Her reason, it would seem, is obvious.

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