Hilarious! Married Nigerian Men Tweet About Their ‘House-Boy’ Responsibilities To Wives

This post is downright hilarious. It just kinda reveal that marriage can be lots of fun, if couples will choose to see the humour in some of their dealings at home. And when both the man and his wife choose selflessness over self-centredness; peace is assured to reign in the home.

In a series of tweets going round on social media, married Nigerian men share their experiences in the hands of their wives on errand running. According to the men, being sent on errands doesn’t end after marriage, if anything, it gets worse.

See the hilarious tweets shared by the men:

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”You will think “oh I’m a man now, nobody can send me message again”. Lmaoooo marriage is waiting for you. They will send you message like house boy and you can’t complain, dem no born you well.

Pray your wife isn’t the one that will wake u up at midnight to help her go bring water from the fridge. Lmao you go vex, but you will still go. As a “Man of the house” it’s in your job description,” one married man, with the name Retired Jaguda @manmustwack who started the conversation had written.

”Bruh! Dem no dey tell person this one. Just now I was Twittering away jeje, just said “Dotun, clean my glasses. It’s blurry”. Her hand did not break & she was only pressing phone too, so what did I do as “Man of the ????”? I dropped my phone and went to clean her glasses,” another man, Dotun shared.

”Lol. Add photo taking to your list of house chores. You go take pictures tire. And then get told that your photog skills are awful,” Oladayo added.

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”This includes that text you get, at almost closing hours, of the things you should ‘pick up’ on your way back,” Mairuwa wrote.

”Dem go call you from sitting room, come bed room to coman carry cup, then take cup to dining to get water and bring to bedroom. The trauma dey affect my punctuation sef.”

”Shey you can see how guys are enjoying doing things for their wives….but our people who must not be named will be talking about servitude.”


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