Dear MIMsters: How Do I Set The Records Straight Without Offending Hubby? (Part 2)

Continued from part one

For MIL’s meeting, I did the cooking with her 2nd daughter who kept some meat back claiming her mom may need them later. I did not know that she didn’t run it by her mom. Along the line, there was still some food but no meat to go with it. I think MIL walked in on my brother’s wife eating and there was meat in her food. When hubby came home in the evening, MIL told him that my brother’s wife stole out of the food she made for her guests, and that she was embarrassed because the food didn’t go round. Hubby confronted me about it and I explained to him that I was the one who served my brother’s wife and that I only gave her a piece of meat. I told him that his sister had helped MIL keep some meat aside for later and that if she had asked me, I could have helped her bring the meat out from where his sister kept it.

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Can you believe that when asked about the meat she kept, my hubby’s sister denied taking out of the meat to keep for her mom? She said she wanted to, but thought against it. I reminded her that she kept it in a cooler in the Kitchen cabinet but she denied it. She told all of us that she had poured it back. And truly, the meat was no longer where I saw her keep the cooler. Then she had the guts to insinuate that my brother’s wife- whom she called the only stranger who entered the kitchen may have taken out of the meat.

Maybe what made the accusation painful for me was that even hubby thinks maybe my brother’s wife was guilty.

By then, my brother had come to pick his wife from my place and they left with the girls who were going to be spending the night with them since my house was filled to the brim. When I went to pick the girls the next day, I asked my SIL if she noticed anything awkward in my kitchen and she said she saw my husband’s sister pour some meat into a nylon bag from the cooler in the cabinet, and that she kept it in her bag. I asked if she noticed that she saw her while she was doing that, she said she did. She said my hubby’s sister even told her that MIL asked her to keep the meat for her. I rebuked her for not telling me and she said she didn’t see it as a big deal.

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When I told hubby about my findings, he said I should forget about the matter. I insisted that I would invite my brother’s wife to confront his mom and sister because I felt bad that they could accuse the innocent girl of what she didn’t do but hubby insisted I let the matter rest.

This matter is known to only hubby, his mom, his sister and me. I am not happy that even when I told hubby the truth of the matter, he didn’t think he should confront his mom and sis about it. I also don’t like the fact that hubby asked that I do not tell my brother and his wife about the matter, too. He is insisting I bury it but I am not comfortable with his decision. I desire that records are set straight but hubby says to let sleeping dogs lie. Am I wrong to insist on setting the records straight? I really feel cheated!

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  • I tend to support your husbands view. He knows that his sister did wrong but clearly doesnt want to escalate issues.
    It is very painful but hold your peace and be more alert on the next family occasion.

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