Must Read: This Letter From Single Mother, Phillicia Baugh To Her Son Is All Shades Of Beautiful

Single mom, Phillicia Baugh recently read out letters she penned to her son through different stages of his life. Her story proves that there’s nothing stronger than a mother’s love.

That moment when loving warmth collides with necessity for discipline, only a mother can fit in confidently, wielding her super-woman ability to be both loving and ‘merciless’ at the same time. And swiftly, she would switch from ‘merciless’ to comforting; she is selfless like that. She gives her all, withholding nothing even when it is most inconvenient for her. Motherhood; such pure joy!

“When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.”– Sophia Loren

Her letter titled, “Love Always,” was shared by Goalpost and it’s so beautiful.

Read the beautiful letter below:

“I’m not the first teenager to get pregnant and I won’t be the last. I had you before I had a driver’s license. I had you before I had dreams. I had you before I had me. While I raised you, you raised me. You knew me as soon as you saw me and fell in love with me as soon as I spoke. I could tell by the way your eyes wandered to follow my voice through the crowd. You are sweet as honey and so amazing to me. I’m only 16 and I’ve made some mistakes, but you, my love, I will never regret. The world will treat us different. They will say I’m too young to be your mom. None of this is true. This is our journey. It begins now. No excuses, no shame, and most importantly, no looking back for us. We made life work because we worked hard at being a family.”

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“Dear boy, you better turn that radio down. I have finals this week and I need you to act right. Now I heard about your troubles, so we need to sit and talk. You’re angry inside and the things that are broken, a mother can’t fix. I know it is hard not having your father around but as your mother, I will comfort you when you hurt, lend you my strength when you get weak, educate you and love you immensely. All I ask is that you lead and never follow, that you love like you’ve never lost And that you speak the truth all the days of your life.”

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“Know that it’s okay to cry, and you’re never too old for your mama to hold. I tell you I love you every day because so often, we see tomorrow is not guaranteed. Recently, my mother told me I was the mother she always wanted to be. After I cried a little, my heart shifted to you. You helped me make the single-parenting thing look easy, then secretly wipe away my tears when we know no one is looking. You’ve always blossomed, no matter where I planted you. I am the blessed me because I was blessed with the perfect you. As your 18th birthday draws near, I stand to say, may you never go hungry, may you never be cold, I will always love you.”

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