Reno Omokri Encourages Women To ‘Shoot Their Shots’ Without Fear

Controversial lawyer and political commentator, Bemigho Reno Omokri is at it again. This time around, he has ventured into a more complicated matter- he asked women to ‘shoot their shots’, without fear.

Matters of the heart are most times complicated. Now, from time immemorial, African society has seen the man as ‘the hunter’ in romantic relationship matters, and it frowns at the idea of a woman doing the ‘chasing’ either verbally or non-verbally.

For many generations now, men have always proposed to women and if the reverse was ever the case, a woman caught in such web would be unanimously frowned at; maybe even blacklisted. As a matter of fact, a woman’s mere thought of expressing her interest in a man, is perceived as desperation.

But not according to 44-year old Omokri who has stirred up a debate on social media through his recent post.

In the post he shared via Twitter, the famous author and married dad-of-3 advised single women to have the courage to go after the men they desire to be with.

He added that life is short and happiness is rare so women shouldn’t be afraid to go after the men they love.

Omokri submitted that it doesn’t tarnish the reputation of such women, rather, a woman who makes the first move, especially where the guy in question is shy, is a hero.

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”Dear women, Life is short and happiness is rare. If you find a guy you like, but he is too shy, then make the first move. It does not make you a whore. A whore is a woman that opens her legs to any man. A hero is a woman that opens her heart to the man she loves

Omokri’s post went viral, with many acknowledging this yet another infamous RenosNuggets as brilliant. Interestingly, most of those who reacted were males and they mostly surprisingly agreed that it was a welcome idea. Some went further to say that they wouldn’t mind being approached by a woman.

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See some reactions below:

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Meanwhile, the former aide to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan had earlier shared another of his infamous nugget in which he advised men on how to spot a good woman.

He had shared that men should not marry a woman who can’t settle down with a man earning meagre salary. In his opinion, women who state such criteria as a prerequisite for marriage are not better than ladies of the night.

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