New Mom, Joii Brown May Sue Hospital For This Grave Error Committed Against Her Son |Photo & Video

As a woman weighs whether to pursue legal action after she said her newborn was mistakenly given to the wrong mother for breastfeeding at a hospital near Jacksonville, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration is reviewing the mix-up.

When she should be adjusting to motherhood and getting to know her baby, Florida-based new mom, Joii Brown is trying to decide whether or not to press charges for a disturbing hospital mix-up that led to her newborn being breastfed by a complete stranger.

Brown told News4Jax that about 10 hours after she gave birth to her son, Roman Philips, nurses took him to be circumcised and he never came back.

A circumcision surgery usually takes about 30 minutes, so when the baby wasn’t returned for over an hour, Brown asked the nurses at Orange Park Medical Center where he was. It was then determined that he’d been returned to the wrong room and breastfed by another mother.

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Because of privacy laws, hospital staffs are forbidden from telling Brown if the woman who breastfed her baby was sick or was on any type of medication.

And because her son is so young, he’s not able to be tested for illnesses that may have been transferred through breast milk. “I know everybody makes mistakes, but this is something I feel like is more than just a mistake because, just looking at a wristband, that’s something really minor,” the new mom told News4Jax. “All you had to do was look at the wristband and see that isn’t her child.”

The baby was evaluated and released from the hospital, and Brown says she has been in talks with an attorney.

See video below:

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As the story gained massive attention online, some commenters think the new mom is making a mountain out of a molehill. They believe that she is just overreacting while some others think the mistake was too grave to be ignored.

See their comments below:

baby breastfed by the wrong mom
baby breastfed by the wrong mom

Someone wondered how the breastfeeding stranger didn’t realize she had the wrong baby.

newborn breastfed wrong mom
Brown says she wants the nurse who made the mistake to be held accountable but hasn’t yet decided if she’ll take legal action. In a statement to News4Jax, a hospital spokesperson said the hospital is doing everything it can to “support the family and follow the family’s wishes.”
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