7 Natural Ways To Boost A Low Sperm Count (Part One)

Eyinade Eweje

Low sperm count, one of the leading causes of male infertility, is responsible for a lot of today’s couples’ inability to conceive. For those battling this condition, in addition to necessary medical intervention(s), here are 7 natural ways to boost your sperm count…

1. Your Diet

According to experts, the quality of you eat today, for instance, affects your sperm health for up to three months afterwards. So, if you are a fan of junk or processed foods or have nutritional deficiencies, opting for a healthier and richer diet immediately and remaining consistent may improve your sperm count in 2 – 3 months.

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Aim to eat foods rich in Zinc such as nuts, beef, lamb, yoghurt, peas, turkey, shrimp, pumpkin seeds, spinach and oysters, as increased level of this trace mineral in men battling infertility has been shown to boost sperm count, as well as sperm form, function and quality.

Selenium is another mineral crucial to sperm production. So, include seafoods, liver, kidney, whole grains, chicken, mushrooms, pork and seeds in your diet.

Foods rich in folic acid are another category to include in your diet. Sources include green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, kidney beans, liver, papaya, oranges, bell peppers, seeds and nuts, whole grains and lentils.

Getting lots of vitamin B12 is also important as deficiency in men can result in reduced sperm count and motility. Beef, cheese, eggs, liver, crab, oysters, lamb and beef are a few good sources. In addition, eat lots of walnuts, red meat and dairy products to get additional amounts of L-Carnitine, as lower levels of this in the seminal fluid result in lower sperm count and motility.

Overall, eat a nutritious diet including all the food groups in a balanced form with varieties of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water for proper hydration, and ask your doctor about necessary supplementation.

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2. Your Hormones

Hormonal imbalance in men have adverse effects on sperm production. Stress, exposure to toxins, radiation and other risks of modern life are major culprits. This often leads to problems including low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, reduced production of seminal fluid and poor sex drive.

Opt for organic foods as much as possible (foods produced or grown naturally – without added hormones, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals), reduce exposure to plastics, toxins or pollutants (xenoestrogens), eat lots of antioxidant rich foods including fruits and vegetable to curb free radicals, avoid using plastic containers, bottles and wraps for food storage, and drink lots of water to aid elimination of toxins.




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