New Photos Of Mmeyene Abasi, Little Girl With Cerebral Palsy Dumped In The Latrine By Her Own Mother Will Warm Your Heart

The story of Mmeyene Abasi, the little girl diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy whose mother dumped in a pit latrine in Akwa Ibom made headlines in September.

The little girl’s mother got tired of nursing her and abandoned the child in the pit toilet in her blind mother’s compound. Her old pictures and story is saddening, see here.

An optician, Benjamin Omini, was alerted to the case and he immediately rushed to the place and found her enmeshed in feaces in the latrine.

Benjamin had posted on his social media page saying…

”When I got the call about a little child thrown off to die by a pit toilet, it jolted me

and I immediately moved to the location and found her wrapped in feaces and even though she had become undesirable to the world around her,

I saw a life waiting for help and I made myself available and today we celebrate 4months in the Majesty Hospital and Eye Clinic, 60 Barracks Road, Uyo. Akwa Ibom  State and she has recovered greatly.”

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Since he found her, Omini has been taking care of her. He shared these new photos of Mmeyene.

See them below..

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