Dear MIMSters: See How I Repaid My Mother After Choosing Me Above All| Part 2

Continues from Part 1

Mother told me her labour started around 4pm in the evening but her parents were reluctant to take her out of the house because of shame. They also had no kind words for her except abuses. She said even though she had barely stepped foot into the hospital when I arrived into the world, and was put in her arm but her parents’ nonchalance at my arrival was so obvious some of the hospital staffs asked her what her relationship with them was.

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Let me not bore you with what my mother and I went through in the hands of her family, rather, let me tell you how I chose to repay my mother after all she went through for me.

Seeing what was constantly dished out to my mother made me determined to make it in life and make her proud. I focused on my academics and constantly excelled. By then, mother, who wasn’t allowed to go back to school by her parents; was doing menial jobs here and there and the little she made from such jobs was what we lived on. What we went through together can only be imagined!

I finished from secondary school, got into UNILAG, finished with a 2.1, got my Masters during which I met adorable Adetutu, a Yoruba princess with whom I traveled abroad for my PhD.

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We came down together to Nigeria for our wedding after our PhD and returned to the US after the event. My mother also joined us a few weeks later and she has been with me since then. Mother never got married. I am all she has and now by extension, she has my wife and my kids. My mother is in her 50s now and she says she wants to go back to school which I have assured her that there is nothing within my means that I would not give to her.

Why did I choose to tell my mother ‘s story?

You see, her siblings are fond of calling her for one need or the other and she would always oblige them. She just got off the phone with her immediate elder sister who told her their mother is ill and needs medial attention.

As a matter of principle, I do not relate with any of them!

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The truth is that I can afford to fly her down to the US for treatment but I would not. Mother has been begging me to help her mother but I would not. If she had listened to them, would I be here? They prized their church and position above their daughter’s emotions so why isn’t that church helping them now.

Mother, who by the way is best friends with Adetutu, my wife, has ’employed’ her to beg me too, but I do not think I want to ever have anything to do with them; they are evil people.

You see, I am not a religious fanatic so there is no need for anyone to preach at me. Come on! It is what they sowed, let them be magnanimous enough to reap it. I rest my case!

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“Dear MIMSters: See How I Repaid My Mother After Choosing Me Above All| Part 2”
  • What an emotional story, was checking my phone since yesterday to read the part 2of the story, thank you for making you mom proud, thank you for giving her the best a son can give to a mother, may you continue to go higher and higher in life, but I won’t stop without pleading with you to Pls forgive your grandma and send any thing you can for her treatment. really done people don’t deserve any forgiveness but for your mother’s sake Pls forgive her.

  • Thank God you and your mum sailed through the hard time and came out victorious. It can only be God and your hard including that of your mother’s.

    I will advice you to forgive I know it is not easy. The best revenge is success which God has given to you. Extend your kindness to them and let them wallow in shame.
    Good luck and God bless. Continue to cherish your mum.

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