Meet 11-Year Old Crochet Prodigy, Jonah Larson With Over 4,000 Orders For What He Does Best| Photo & Video

Meet 11-year old Jonah Larson, yet another kid who’s going to make you feel challenged.

Not only has Jonah mastered the art of crochet, but he has become an online legend as a result, with over 130,000 followers on Instagram. Jonah learned to crochet at just five years old, watching YouTube tutorials to pick up his skills. Since watching that first video, Jonah crochets every single day, for between two to five hours.


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When he began sharing his creations on Instagram, he was flooded with 4,000 orders from people all around the world, desperate to have a scarf, hat, or blanket made by Jonah. He’s only 11, mind you, and still has to go to school and do household chores, so wasn’t able to pick up all 4,000 of those requests, instead completing 100. Alongside commercial orders, Jonah is using his crocheting skills to give back.

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Earlier this year, Jonah donated a collection of his crocheted items to the Ethiopian orphanage his parents adopted him from, and held an auction of his creations to send hundreds of dollars there, too. Oh, and he’s knitted his mum plenty of gifts, too – including a custom cardigan.

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Jonah is now working on a book about his crocheting adventures, and plans to continue trying out new designs. But while crocheting will always be an important part of his life, Jonah’s big dream is to become a surgeon.

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Speaking about his skills, Jonah said:

“I don’t crochet for the fame or the TV shows, I do it because it is a very calming activity that helps me relax. It also unites everyone around the world. I always can find something new to do.”

On his next challenge:

“My goal now is to design items, crochet on TV shows and teach other people how to crochet. I think my hand dexterity can help me become a great surgeon. I will always crochet on the side but would be nice to also help people that way.”

Below is a video clip of Jonah while at his craft:

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