New Study Reveals The Age Women Start Turning Into Their Mothers

You will agree with me that sooner or later, we are going to begin to develop the traits of our mother. Some of us do it very early in life while some, later.

For many women, the idea of turning into their mother is appealing and it is something they want at all costs. After all, we share genetic ties with our mothers and they shape the way we think and act in many ways.

Well, a new research conducted by a Harley Street surgeon, has claimed that when women hit the grand age of 33, they officially begin turning into their mum, picking up her habits, tastes and attitudes, all of which you probably never thought you’d have.

According to MirrorUK, the research suggests women morph into their mothers a few years after having their first child. Currently, the average age of becoming a mum is 30-years-old.

The researcher, Dr Julian De Silva, who spoke to 2,000 men and women as part of the study, concluded that more than half of the 2,000 men and women polled admitted that they stopped rebelling against their mothers and started acting more like them in their early thirties.

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Therefore, we (supposedly) turn into our mothers at around 33 years old. While becoming a mother is one of the thing that triggers personality changes in women the most, it is closely followed by physical signs of ageing.

Other parental behaviours we start to emulate at this point in our lives include adopting the same sayings, participating in the same hobbies and even watching the same television shows as their mums.

Men on the other hand were found to begin morphing into their fathers at a similar age, at around 34, with them starting to like the same music as their dads and sharing the same political view points.

And as well as acting like our parents, many of us also feel like we look more like them as we age.

Dr De Silva explained further explained:

“We all turn into our parents at some point in our lives – and that is something to be celebrated. Becoming parents is the main trigger and lifestyle factors are also important.”

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The researcher also believes that we start acting more like our parents when we start looking more like them.

”It is an inevitable part of ageing but a process lots of people want to put off for as long as possible. It is one of the reasons why the average age of first-time cosmetic surgery is coming down for both sexes.

For women, it is now 37 and for men it is 43. More people are trying to delay this onset of middle age to improve their appearance and levels of self-confidence.”

The research also revealed that 52% of participants said they began behaving like their mothers between 30 and 35 years old, 26% believe it happened between 35 to 40 years old, with 10% claiming it didn’t happen until 40 to 50.

Can you relate with this study?

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