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Heartrending Letter A Child Wrote To His Parents To Stop Calling Him Stupid Is A Wake Up Call

An aggrieved child has written a warning letter to his parents, asking them to stop calling him stupid. According to the heartbreaking letter, the child pled that even when he acts stupid, he should not be labelled as one.

Children will often get on their parents or caregivers nerves, that’s what they do. They will defy you, make silly decisions that will infuriate you, but you must hold back your tongue. It is important to separate that silly act from the child. Do not define your child by their actions and end up labelling them.

In other words, we are to say: “Catherine, what you did was bad” and not “Catherine, you are a bad child”. You did something stupid, does not make you stupid.

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Read the letter below…

”I don’t like that if I do a mistake, you call me bad words like Stupid. Please don’t call me bad words even though I deserve it. I don’t like it at all. I love you and all but sometimes you just a bit rough. I am sorry that you are feeling down because of me and I will try my best to make you happy.”

Credit: NigerianWomenDiary

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