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Dear MIMsters: How My Husband Turned My Good Deeds Against Me, I Hope God Is Watching

I hope God is watching and has seen how my husband has turned my good deeds against me.

When I met my husband, people told me that he was in a relationship with a woman who is divorced but has three children. They said that he has been the one taking care of this woman and her children. But when I asked my husband, he told me that nothing like that is happening between them, that people just don’t want him to marry me.

After our traditional wedding, I started seeing his true colour. I saw him taking care of this woman more than he takes care of and it has caused a lot of problems between us.

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By the grace of God, we have two children now and I am expecting the third one. When I told him I was pregnant, he asked me to abort it or leave his house. He told me that I am not ashamed of myself for not being able to give him a male child.

Meanwhile, I have struggled on my own with the egg business that I am doing. I have been able to buy a container which I am using to start up a little business. I was so happy that I start doing something, not knowing that my husband has an evil plan against me. He told me that I won’t start any business but I should store all my things away.

Now, he has stopped my baby who is almost 3 years old from going to school. Everyday my baby keeps crying that she wants to go to school, I don’t even know what to do. He doesn’t give us money for food.

So, I decided to forget about everything for peace to reign and because of my kids and the one that I am expecting. But since the third week of January, my husband stopped going to work. I asked him if all was well and he told me that he needs N150k to buy goods for his shop. I told him to go and meet his friends or borrow from the bank but he said no. He asked me to find anyone that can give me to loan him, that he will pay back.

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I am the kind of person who always likes to help people. So, I went to meet our pastor to consult with him. My Pastor advised me to give him the money, that he will pay me back, and I did.

I have been asking him back for the money since April after he left the kids and I for one week. I thank God he came back. On Wednesday, I asked him again for the money and he said that I shouldn’t bother him about it, that he will give it to me.

Yesterday, after preparing my baby for school and I was about going to the hospital for antenatal, my husband asked me not to step out of the house, that his family would be coming, I was so surprised when his people came, and my husband brought out the N130k I gave him and placed it on the table. He told me to either collect this money and leave his house with my kids or forget about the money and sell my container and give him the money. I almost fainted.

I started recalling how I suffered to start up my egg business without his help, saved up and bought that container. Now, I have just lost everything and my account is empty and all his people supported him. If I had collected that money, where do I take my children to?

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Since yesterday, my mind has been telling me to curse him and end my life, because I don’t know what else to do. How do I start my life again and I’m 6 months gone already. All I’m praying is God to forgive me if I later my life cos the pain is too much for me.

A man who has never ever cared for me all because my children are girls, I gave him all my savings and now, he has turned against me. God, I hope you are watching.

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