MIM Inspiring Series: Others Gave Up On Me, But I Didn’t Give Up On Myself

After my youth service, I started looking for a job but I didn’t get one. The purpose of sharing my story is to inspire and encourage you not to give up on yourself even when others have failed or given up on you.
After making a little savings from my NYSC, I was caught between starting a business or going to school. My sister advised me to go for an aviation programme so that her husband can help me get a job in one of the airlines. My brother in law has actually helped a number people through his top position at a popular airline and has worked with different airlines throughout his career.
I went ahead to pay for the course and also borrowed to buy a new laptop. I did the course this international course and made distinctions after sleepless nights of reading and hard work.
Alas, my brother in law’s attitude towards me changed and he refused helping me get the job. I became jobless, in debt and depressed.
I got a job as a school teacher with a N26k salary in 2012. I took it just so I could clear my debts which I did. I accepted my fate after I couldn’t get a job with any airline. I started working harder as a teacher. I embraced that calling and I did other things like home lessons, making hair and makeups for people to make ends meet.
Through these, I was able to save 500k from the my salary which I used to start a business.I was able to pay my younger brother’s school fees for 4 years at the university without any assistance. I also saw myself through Unilag for my Masters programme.
To crown it all, God gave me a man of my dreams last year who came to lighten up my load.
Let me digress a bit. I graduated from the University in 2010 and most of my mates got married almost immediately. My friends told me that I’m the only unmarried member in our group, so they didn’t invite me for a particular reunion. They said they don’t want me to feel bad that I don’t have a family of my own yet, since the theme of the reunion was about family. I cried so much that day.
God saw that tears and in 2018, I met my now husband. The courtship was less than a year and he’s more than what I could ever ask for. I am married now and money is not a problem. I am not rich nor poor. God has been faithful while my brother in law fell on hard times. I try my best to support my sister till today and I have since forgiven her husband.
This is my inspirational story. We know today, but God knows tomorrow. Men may give up on you but do not give up on yourself no matter what.

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