Man Who Suffers Seasonal Depression Shares How His Thoughtful Girlfriend’s Gestures Have Lifted Him

A Jamaican man on Twitter, @AshciR who suffers from seasonal depression took to the micro-blogging platform to share some of the many things his girlfriend does to keep his head above water.  According to @AshciR, his thoughtful girlfriend left his apartment when his bout of seasonal depression came again, giving him the space he badly needed to deal with it.

What he did not realise is, his realtor girlfriend identified as Sashalini Gardner, had taken her time to drop loving, cheerful and encouraging notes in almost every corner of his home all in the bid to help him overcome his depression.

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The man added even though it’s been a week since she left, he continues to find the random messages in the most obscure places where he performs his routines.

Social media users love their unique story so much that @AshciR says he has gotten messages threatening him, he would be killed if the duo ever broke up.

Read what he wrote below:

My gf knows that I suffer from seasonal depression, and in order to help me with it she left me random messages in my apartment to make my smile. It’s been a week since she left and I’m still finding them the most obscure places. A thread.

See the screenshot below:

See some of Sashalini’s thoughtful notes below:

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