Feminist/ Actress, Lydia Forson Reveals Reason Why Some Women Resort To Extreme Measures To Keep & Lure Men

Lydia Forson, a Ghanaian actress who is also a feminist, has revealed why women buy charms to attract men. The 35-year-old writer and producer, in her tweet which came after sex-charm vendor, Mama Gee was arrested, blamed it all on patriarchy.

According to Miss Forson, the stereotype of women seeing men as all they have to live for is what makes them go as much as inserting substances in their private parts just to attract them. She tweeted:

“Patriarchy is why girls are inserting things, bathing with concoctions and putting “scopatumana” into men’s food to keep them, take money from them, and steal them from other women. When a society makes women feel like a man is all they have to live for, this happens.”

Forson added that the ‘system’ is against the empowerment of women and any strut to independence is frowned upon by the “toxic, masculine culture.” The 2010 African Movie Academy Award winner laments:

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“No matter how “independent” a woman may feel, if systems are against this independence it won’t work. Also, feminism isn’t just about empowering women, it’s also about men, toxic masculinity and the many effects on inequality on both genders.”

Earlier this month, Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority and Police arrested Elizabeth Torgbor popuarly known as Mama Gee, who sells aphrodisiac and other drugs said to be charms to make the ‘v*gina sweeter’ and also make men succumb to any demand.

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Upon being arrested, the woman who operates in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and other regions in Ghana, claimed to be a Christian who only wants to help women build their relationships and marriages.

Denying that her drugs are charms, Mama Gee however believes her drugs attract men as soon a woman prays over it and applies it on her forehead. The drugs she sell are reportedly not registered nor approved by Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority. The statement read in parts:

“Mama Gee was arrested on Wednesday 10th July, 2019 at her shop at Madina near Rawlings Park in Accra. The FDA wishes to advise the general public not to patronize such products from Mama Gee since it has not been approved by the Authority and the claims cannot be substantiated.”

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