Uche Jombo Talks On Finding Balance In Career And Motherhood In Latest Interview

Uche Jombo, a multiple award-winning actress and mother-of-one has revealed how she finds a balance in her career and being a mom.

Speaking on coping with motherhood and film-making, the Abia State born talented mom hinted that although her son is far away from her sometimes, she dedicates special time for him and family. She shared with Daily Sun:

“My son is in America, the last time he was in Nigeria was when he was like 18 months old.
I knew that taking him back and forth was difficult. So, I let him stay over there. But I always do video calls with him. I also try to manage my time.

I know when to do work and when to be with family. I try as much as possible to balance both. I have been shooting movies more than half of my life, so I have learned how to manage things to get better results.”

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During the chat, Jombo also spoke about how she’s able to deal with negativity and bad vibes around her. Revealing how she avoids negative people in her life, the respected filmmaker hinted that she stays away from googling herself to know the impression of people about her personality. She shared further:

”No, I don’t think its a good thing to do. Naturally people come to your social media pages to tell you things that are annoying; then you want to go and google yourself to read more? It is not too for mind and body.

I say this with all humility; what people think about me it not my problem, but what I think about me, is the real deal. That is what is most important.”

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The 39-year-old diva went on to advice on how to avoid negative people in your life. She said:

”If you don’t let people’s negativity get into your head, then you are home free. And the best way to do that is to avoid going to different places to read about yourself.”


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