Dear MIMSters: Why Uncle Louise Has Been Disowned By His Sons Is A Lesson For All Men

My uncle Louise, a young and struggling engineer got married to this young, beautiful equally struggling nurse in 1980. Aunty Hannah supported Uncle Louis and with time, fate smiled on them. They had three boys together and all was well between them until millions started rolling in for my uncle. Then, he became inaccessible to his wife and children, but his wife continued to support him.

Aunty Hannah won US visa lottery in 1996 but Uncle Louis refused to go with her. Uncle Louis is my own father’s immediate younger brother. Their parents had five of them. four males and a female.
As young as my siblings and I were then, we knew my father’s only sister, aunty Rachael didn’t like aunty Hannah. Only the third son, Uncle Sam, didn’t support Uncle Louis for mistreating aunty Hannah, despite how much she supported and was committed to him.
He refused to go with his wife so she left their sons with him and relocated to the US. After a while, my uncle’s business started to fail and it was his wife who saw him through. She would send him money from the states to pay the boys’ school fees and settle some bills.
Unknown to her, uncle had withdrawn the boys from school and he already had a steady side chick. My father and the others supported uncle, and with his wife’s hard earned money, he married his side chick and brought her into their home.
Aunty Hannah reached out to my father but he supported his brother. The poor woman was forced to relocate her children to the US and she even made papers for my uncle to come with them. She was willing to forgive him for betraying her but aunty Rachael fought her and accused her of trying to enslave her brother.
Today, many years later, their sons have become a pilot, a medical doctor and a musician. The pilot and musician have relocated back to Nigeria. The three boys are now married with children.
Aunty Rachael died mysteriously a few years ago while my father is down with stroke.
Just two weeks ago, uncle Louis suffered stroke and became blind. His side chick turned wife who has two daughters with him, is busy running helter skelter to get help for him.
His sons, though doing quite well (the musician is well known in Nigeria) have refused to help their father. Aunty Hannah wouldn’t even consider helping, too.
I visited Uncle Louis at home and I pitied his side chick turned wife when I saw her. She is now a ghost of former self. Their daughters are malnourished and my once vibrant uncle was just lying down like a leaf. I pitied him but then, didn’t he bring this upon himself. You know what they say about karma.
I don’t blame aunty Hannah and her sons. They have refused to have anything to do with my father’s family members except uncle Sam, who was always on their side.
I hope men will learn from my Uncle Louis’ story that betrayers don’t end well. Also, side chicks who are out to ruin other women’s homes should be ready to reap what they sow.

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