Here’s Why Twitter User, Nicole Cliffe Is Urging Teachers To Not Ask Pupils What They Did During The Holidays | Do You Agree?

With schools resuming and fresh assignments, a Twitter user, Nicole Cliffe wants teachers to understand that questions like “What did you do on your summer holidays?” can be traumatic for some of the pupils.

This is because not every child has a happy holiday or one packed with activity, and may, therefore, be forced to relive the unpleasant memories from the holidays.

In Nicole’s opinion It’s a question which we ask kids without even thinking; she shared a moving social media post to the effect.

She argued that teachers need to be more sensitive and therefore rethink the question. Nicole explained why being asked this seemingly harmless question can be so damaging.

She wrote :

“hey, PSA to teachers, if you know that one of your wee students tragically and unexpectedly lost a parent over the summer, PUMP YOUR BRAKES on the ol’ ‘What I did on my summer break’ assignment.”

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Literally hundreds of people replied detailing their experiences of loathing being asked this question. One woman replied:

“This is a horrible assignment prompt for SO many reasons. It ignores possible trauma, it ignores socioeconomic class, it ignores the fact that many don’t get vacation time to begin with, etc. etc.

It was a sentiment Tiffany Grayson agreed with.

Twitter user, Tiffany Grayson, who was raised by a single mother in the US, pointed out that this school holiday question can also embarrass those with money struggles, too.

“This whole thread made me relive so much shame I had about these assignments,’

the now 34-year-old posted.

See the original tweet below:

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