3 Simple Tips To Help You Balance Being A Working Mum

There’s no joy that compares to becoming a mum for the first time and while it can feel like nothing else in the world could matter as long as you can cuddle and marvel at your little one, many mums have learned along the way that there’s no harm in having a life for yourself outside of being a parent and you too are likely to arrive at that point sometime.

But the real question is; how can you balance your role as a mum with your yearning for personal excellence?  It may seem like being able to do that is something that only a select few people can really achieve. However, the truth is that it’s something more and more people are able to do now.

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Below are 3 simple tips that you can employ to help you do both:

1. Ask For Flexibility:

Many mums can relate to the fact that being a working mum is not nearly the problem but it is more about how you’re supposed to balance your time.

Working full-time jobs does not typically fit well to the schedule of a mum, but if you have a supportive partner or someone who helps with the kids, it gets a little easier.

You should consider negotiating with your boss for flexible working hours, or consider getting a part-time job or even a job that allows you to work from home.

2. Be Your Own Boss

Everyone has one skill or the other even though many of us never get around to making optimal use of them. But when you are a mum who aspires to self-growth alongside being a parent, then the time may be right for you to turn your skills into a side-hustle.

Maybe you’re a really crafty kind of person and you’ve always liked the idea of being able to earn a living making things like Ankara bags or wedding decorations? Anything else you are good at and love to do. It may or may not take off into a full business but it will earn you and your family a little extra money, as well as build your capacity as a person.

3. Own A website

It is the era of blogging and the fact that many mums are into blogging is proof that you can also do well at it. Find your niche and put down your experiences in writing, talking about what you know. It could be on parenting, lifestyle, fashion, cuisine or any other subject that appeals to you.

You can retail fashion or other items on your website alongside blogging, although that would often require you to have a dispatcher who will help you deliver the items bought.

Finally, bear in mind to be consistent, kind and patient with yourself and family as you aspire the be the best version of yourself possible.

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