How I Wooed And Married My Swiss Husband | Nigerian Singer & Mum-Of-Two, Glory Bosnjak Tells Her Love Story

The love story of Nigerian born Switzerland-based singer and mum-of-two, Glory Bosnjak, will rekindle your faith in love and restore your belief in the power of going after your gut feelings.

The mum-of-two who was on the roll call of honour at the JUSTIVAL event held in Lagos last weekend spent some time chatting with Sunnewsonline correspondent, Christy Anynawu. During the chat, Glory who revealed she was a couple of days away from clocking 40 years old shared the heartwarming story of how she wooed and married her Swiss husband twenty years ago.

The singer/songwriter mum shared that she got married to her husband when she was only 20 but they actually began dating when she was 18 and he was 22. She painted a truly beautiful picture of their love story; how she saw him for the first time on a cardboard photograph and how she fell in love with the person behind the image. The couple now have have two beautiful daughters, the eldest being 17 and the youngest, 10.

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Glory revealed that she made up her mind to find this man of her dreams after her ‘spirit’ had whispered to her ‘this is your destiny, this is your man’ even though she was only an 18-year-old girl, not to mention she already had a boyfriend at the time.

According to her narration, it was only two days later while she was driving in the company of her friend  that she saw her Swiss crush, who was at the time working in Lagos. Read all about it below;

On How It All Began:

Yes. He is white but he is so black blood. I saw his photograph. Have you seen the movie, Austen Powers?

You know the cardboard photo of somebody standing? I saw this picture and fell in love with the person behind it.

I decided to search for this person, and to God be the glory, two days later, I saw him. Immediately I saw the picture, my spirit told me ‘this is your destiny, this is your man’.

Two days later, I was driving with my friend and we saw this guy. I turned back, went to him and said ‘hello’.

When I was younger, I was very adventurous. It’s like the world was in my palm. I dreamt my future into reality.

I dreamt the man of my dream to come to me and he did. I didn’t’ do it, God did it. I was just humble enough to open my heart to see it. It’s 20 years since we have been together. Do you want to know the whole story?

How She Wooed Him:

I walked up to him and said ‘I’m Gloria, I saw your picture at a party and I wanted to see you’. Then, he said ‘oh, nice to see you’.

We sat down, we ate, and I wanted to see if what I’m feeling was real. I took his (phone) number and said I would see him in a few days. My heart was beating so fast, I couldn’t catch my breath because I had a boyfriend.

I knew I had to finish that. I waited for my boyfriend to come back from his trip. I wanted to take a final look at him to know if what I had for him was real love. I was a girl, what did I know about love? My boyfriend returned from his trip; I took a look at him and told myself ‘this is not it’.

I called my new-found-love. He was four years older than me. I was 18; he was 22, working in a company in Nigeria.

I called him up and he came. I told him: ‘I just have one thing to say. I like you very much and I want to be your girlfriend.

Do you want to be my boyfriend?’ Look Christy, I’m telling you the story of my life. I said ‘do you like me?’ And he said, ‘yes, yes, yes, I like you’ with a French accent, he doesn’t speak much English. I said, ‘are we going to date?

’ He said, ‘yes, yes, yes’. That is where our story started. Since then, we have been together and we’ve fought all the odds.

Life tests us every year. Everything is great but somehow something happens that faces us face-to-face. Marriage is like a computer; you have to upgrade it every time there is new software. Marriage is like that.

You have to upgrade it or it crashes. But in our case, we never let it crash, that’s how we get it going.’

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Glory says she’s always wanted half-caste children and that’s exactly what has happened for her. From weaving the dreams of her preferred future in her head to actually living it, Glory says its been well worth it being married to that man with whom she fell in love 20 years ago.

Read the mum’s own words below:

‘When I was younger, I had dreams. It’s like the world was in my palm. I perceived what my future was going to be like and I went for it.

I knew I wanted half-caste children. The school I attended in Warri, JF Kennedy, there was this half-caste girl, who didn’t like me at first but I liked her, she was so fresh.

I became friends with her eventually and that’s where my love for half-caste children started. I noticed how beautiful and how kind her soul was, and I wanted to have half-caste children.

My name was Gloria Ridge before I got married. My dad was half British half Nigerian and my mum was Nigerian.

So, it made us a quarter caste. My husband gave me a gift this year, the DNA test. I have always been curious to find my extended family in England. To my greatest surprise, I’m one percent British, 77 percent Nigerian.

I’m Italian, Greek and Somali. DNA test can prove your family tree. My husband loves me so much and he knows this is one of the things that bothered me. I needed to know where I’m from. We never knew my dad’s white background, where he’s from.

I was curious to know for my children’s sake, I needed them to know the family tree, from my dad side.’

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