Mixed Reactions As Man, Howard Sueing III Officially Adopts Nigerian Wife’s Surname

In almost every part of the world, the norm is for a married woman to take her husband’s last name as her own after marriage. However, there are few places where tradition demands that the roles are reversed.

For the major parts where the woman has to take her husband’s name as her surname, there are times where the husband would choose to bear his wife’s name instead. In these rare cases, there are reasons. In some cases, it is because the woman is a popular figure in society and in others it is purely for love.

A young American man has become internet sensation for some after he did an unusual thing on his wedding day for the sake of love for his wife. Howard Sueing III Ekundayo decided to take his wife’s last name to help her continue her family name.

The excited young man made this known on his Twitter page. In a report by Punch, Howard, whose Twitter bio reveals is an Engineering Manager at Netflix, tweeted on Sunday that he had recently got married to a Nigerian woman, identified as Bukky Ekundayo, and that he was changing his surname to hers, so they could pass it on to their children.

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He tweeted,

“I recently got married! I’m replacing my birth surname/suffix (Sueing III) with @SimplyBukks‘s (Ekundayo) so that we can pass it on to our future children. “Ekundayo” means “to turn tears to joy” in Yoruba. (sic)”

Howard has already changed his name on Twitter to reflect his new surname. His decision has been well received by the Nigerian Twitter community.

A Twitter user, Uzoma Nwagba sharing a screenshot of Howard’s tweet, wrote,

“Meet my college friend, Howard Sueing, an American. Howard was in love with us Nigerians he met (who wouldn’t be?). Howard has just married our Nigerian classmate, Bukky Ekundayo. He decided to take her surname, officially. Bold. Meet Howard Ekundayo. Congrats bro.”

Another user, ‘Sire @SiredOne said, He looks Nigerian already😁 while Mike J @CodeInBlack wrote “That’s that 🇳🇬 love spirit. Congrats.”

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