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Man, Victor Cheedoh, Shares Texts He Got From His Sister As Proof That Abuse Is Commonplace In Nigerian Homes

A Nigerian man took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the prevalence of abuse in the average Nigerian home. The young man who identifies as Victor O. Cheedoh on the social networking app shared screenshots of the abusive messages his elder sister sent to him at different times.

Victor, whose sister referred to as a “useless irresponsible ingrate” who is “always eating like a starved dog” said he has lived with incessant verbal abuse from his sister for no less than a decade, sharing that he hopes to put an end to his ordeal  by sharing it with the world.

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Victor did not say what the root cause of his many disagreements with his sister was, but he did share a number of incriminating text messages that proved that his sister was verbally abusive towards him, including one where she texted him saying “Smoke and drink till it destroys you because that’s the only thing you know,” .

His full Facebook post read:

“Someone called me a useless responsible ingrate eating like a starved dog also a disrespectful untrained fatherless human being
Apparently all I do is sleep,smoke and drink to stupor
Oh and I’m a disappointment as well
To cut the long tale short
You’d be pretty shocked who sent this
This is a basic case of verbal abuse in the Nigerian home
I’ve decided to put an end to it and share with the world what I’ve been going through for about a decade now
I mean i guess I deserve it.
Share your thoughts after the cut”

See the screenshots below:



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