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Dear MIMsters: Why My Wife Wants Me To Quit My Current Job

I got married in 2016 to my lovely wife and God has blessed the union with a baby boy. My wife wants me to quit my current job and here’s why.

I have always worked with a financial institution even before I got married. We struggled during our first two years into marriage due to the fact that I was furthering my education, so also was my wife.

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At that time, I was a contract staff but after I finished my Master’s degree program, my organization absorbed me as full-time staff. This happened last year. My wife, on the other hand, hasn’t yet graduated. She still has a year left to finish.

My wife’s school is in our state of origin, where our parents both live, so currently, we don’t live together because I work in another state. However, I pay them a visit every month and some times twice in a month.

My challenge now is that my wife has mostly complained about my job. She says that I don’t have time for my family. Although, I fully understand the points of her pain, because even when she was pregnant with our baby she had to endure all that huge stress alone.

Her advice now is that I should start thinking of quitting my job because it doesn’t give me time for my family.

During this COVID 19 lockdown, I empowered her by setting up a business for her which involves the selling of ice fish. Though the capital was small, the business is moving gradually. She has advised me to invest more in the business, seeing that it would be profitable, which I’m considering to do before the end of this year.

We also have in our plans that after her graduation, we are going to set up a medical store which is in her field. With my current job, I have been able to roof our house which was built 5 years ago but I do not have enough money to continue the work. We are hoping to complete the work next year.

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From the income of this my current job, I am able to give her a monthly allowance.

Please Mimsters, is it worthy for me to quit my job and focus on establishing those businesses or should I just continue with my current job?

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