Motherhood Nigeria Initiative Launches ”Project Safe Birth” To Help Vulnerable Pregnant Women

Even though maternal mortality, which is a pregnancy-related death is preventable, it has continued to increase in many nations of the world, especially in the African countries of the sub-Saharan regions caused by factors which include a low level of socioeconomic development, according to Open Access Medica Journal Of Sciences.

The World Health Organization also stated that Nigeria accounts for over 14% of all global maternal deaths, accounting also for the highest maternal mortality rate in Africa.

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The high number of maternal deaths in Nigeria, especially in the rural communities is due to unequal access to health services. Now, a platform that is committed to changing the narrative for Nigerian women is reaching out through an iniative.

A safe birth kit with essential items will protect the lives of mothers and babies during childbirth from infection.
According to the convener Abiodun Alabi;

“Motherhood Nigeria Initiative launched Project safe birth to reach out to pregnant women in underserved communities with the focus to educate and provide free safe birth kits include such as sterile blade, sterile gloves, antiseptic soap, antiseptic disinfection, cord clamp, mucus extractor, maternity pad and mentholated spirit. These basic items have a huge impact in preventing or responding to complications during childbirth.

Reach them for help via: follow @motherhoodnigeria & @motherhoodnginitiative,email call: 07088989373 WhatsApp: 07059742023

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