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Would You Let Your 7-Year-Old Daughter Wear a Padded Bra? PRIMARK Accused of Sexualising Children

What should a seven year old girl know about padded bra and why would a parent tell them to put a one on? Well, PRIMARK, the budget high street chain thinks our seven-year-olds are ready to put on a padded

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6 Baby Registry Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to picking out the right baby registry, many parents make a lot of mistakes, that cost them thousands of Naira in the long run. Yes, a human being so tiny as a baby needs a lot of

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10 Most Useful Items For Your Baby

By Ndidi Adekunle Shopping for a new baby can be a very intense event. The list of items to buy can be endless, depending on who is being consulted for advice: your own mother or mother in law, another experienced

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Little Fashionistas: “We Are Too Cool In These Outfits”

Whether in full traditional outfits or dressed with a twist of african print, these little fashionistas are so pretty, and they know it.