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If Babies Could Talk, 20 Things They Would Have Told You

OGBUGOH JOY Have you ever wondered the things your baby would say to you if she could actually talk? I know I have. Listening to babies coo and gurgle is so cute! Sometimes they babble so hard that you are

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How to Develop Your Baby’s Brains Through Play

Eyinade Eweje Engaging your baby in play is instrumental to laying the appropriate foundation for all-round development and facilitating speedy acquisition of motor, cognitive, social and language skills, amongst others. Find tips to keep you on track: 1.Enjoy The Bonding

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Babies Prefer To Listen To Other Babies Than Their Parents – Study

One reason to get your baby to socialise with other babies is because babies want to listen to other babies more than they want to listen to their parents. That’s the new finding from a study by McGill University which

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