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Yummy Treat: Kale & Fruit Smoothie With Cookies

By FC Give your kids this yummy and nutritious treat this Summer holiday. Ingredients 1 dl chopped pineapple 3 Kale leaves (ribs and stems removed) 1 small banana 1/2 dl blueberry 1 small orange (peeled and chopped) 1/2 dl water

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HOLIDAY TREAT: Homemade Swedish Ginger Cookies

By F.C. Hey, mums! Christmas is almost here, so I thought to share this cookie recipe. Take advantage of the holiday to bond with your kids. It’s such a great time to have fun baking simple recipes and indulge their

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A MIM Mum’s Recipe: How To Make Oats Cookies

By Faustine Christiansen I just want to share these healthy cookies I made with mothers on this page. It involves using only three ingredients with no added sugar. My son likes to eat them a lot. Not only do they

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